Denver Chicken Coop Tour

October 4, 2014  10-3

$20 for one or group to 4.

Denver Chicken Coop Tour



Fall Events:

5th Annual Denver Chicken Coop Tour - Don't miss this self-guided tour if you want to learn about chickens, coops and urban homesteading right from the backyards and gardens of area urban homesteaders!  Saturday, October 4, 2014.  Buy tickets now.   See button above and to the right.  $20 for a single or group up to 4. (above)


  60lb honey pails available.  This is local, never-heated, unfiltered raw honey from one of our bee farmers north of Denver.  It doesn't get any better than this.   $240 festival price



Why we DO NOT support the GMO initiative, called the "Right to Know Colorado" law.  Obviously Denver Urban Homesteading and its farmers do not support the use of genetically modified food.  And we support the concept of labeling.  However, this law has no exception for small markets.  We will have to follow the same rules as multi-billion dollar supermarket corporations what with labeling, keeping affidavits, etc. AND WE CANNOT DO IT!  Anyone who has come into our market knows we operate on a shoestring, and we fear that the shoestring will break if we are forced to hire another person to make sure we comply with this law.  Or maybe we should just give up the free Chicken Swaps, Honey Festival, etc. so I can spend my time labeling instead.  Additionally, a violation is a criminal offense.  That's a lot of risk for a husband-wife team.  Those who have followed our travails know that we challenge government over raw milk issues, re-use of egg carton issues, and now (for the last four years) intellectual property issues, and we do it to benefit our customers and to benefit society.  But this law will give a vengeful bureaucrat one more tool in his or her arsenal to use against us when our next challenge comes up.


BTW, I have spoken to the owners of several small ethnic markets where we shop who are opposed to this law.  Obamacare doesn't kick in until you have 50 employees, and the ADA until you have 15.  But this initiative will require labeling by every blessed soul who sells food in this state.  Maybe it is time to come up with a labeling law that will not crush the many small markets in this state, otherwise we risk driving markets like ours out of business leaving us to rely even more on giant supermarkets and big agriculture.  My Russian wife, who was born and raised in the USSR, told me that even the Communists didn't try to regulate farmers markets.  - James Bertini


PS  An attorney named Trey Rogers who is a partner in a giant law firm who claims he helped write the initiative attacked my position in the Denver Post.  Mr. Rogers says it is really no big deal to find out which foods need labeling, which foods actually have GMOs, to keep track of all of them and then to do the labeling, including labeling of vegetables.  So would Mr. Rogers donate a few hours a week to do all this at our small market so we don't have to hire another worker to do it?  We think not.  Mr. Rogers says that we don't have to worry because we can rely on manufacturers and distributors for GMO information.  But the law says retailers are responsible.  I think Mr. Rogers is full of organic manure.



Organic Feed
Wine Project
Bees & Honey

Shop at our market:  meet the farmers growing your food, learn about new foods, bump into your neighbors and keep your money working to stimulate our local economy!

Market hours and beekeeping store hours:  Tuesday 9-3     Thursday  1-7     Friday 1-7

Saturday Farmers' Market and beekeeping store hours:  Saturday 9-3




Selling organic or other high-quality foods

from local farmers and food producers

We take Mastercard, Visa, SNAP/EBT (food stamps)

 Do you know where your food comes from?  We know where ours comes from and we know the people who grow it.  One of the goals of our urban agricultural center is to provide that information to our customers and help strengthen the bonds between the farmer and the consumer, to make transparent the route from the farm to the table.  In order to this, it is our goal to visit all the farms selling at our market, to understand their food production processes and to feel confident that the food is grown or prepared with agricultural, nutritional and environmental integrity.  (Note that "local" varies depending on the product.  Most of our foods come from a 100 mile radius, but some come from greater distances because they are not produced nearby.)


WHERE:  200 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

WHO: Denver Urban Homesteading (DUH) and small local farmers and fooders using organic and sustainable practices.


oods we carry:



Wise Acres Farm is just north of Denver and they sell vegetables here in season.



Callicrate Beef has many cuts of beef and WAGYU (American Kobe).  It is raised on their ranch at the Kansas-Colorado border and processed on site.  No stressful traveling and no hormones or antibiotics used.  Cattle get both grain and grass for what Mike Callicrate says is the perfect mix for the animals and for the humans.

Flying B Bar Ranch is just east of Denver in Strasburg.  Their beef is completely grass-fed and the ranch is certified as Animal Welfare Approved.

Harvest Acres is a small, family-run ranch east of Denver that has pork and goat meat.


Harvest Acres has raw goat and cow milk shares available.

Turkey Tracks Farm has raw cow milk shares available.

Morning Fresh Dairy milk and their Noosa yogurt is sold here. 

Mini-Moos Dairy has pasteurized goat milk and cheese.


Our eggs are laid by happy chickens in open environments

Wise Acres: pastured

Chicken Tracks Farm: Pastured, soy free

Mini Moos: Duck eggs


Styria Bakery has all kinds of breads.



Unlike most supermarket honey and some farmers market honey, we know our local bee farmers and it all comes from them without syrup additives.

We have honey from east of Denver, west of Denver, north of Denver and south of Denver.  We also have unique honeys from Georgia, New York State, Prince Edward Island in Canada, New Zealand and Brazil.



Pappardelliís Pasta, frozen ravioli and sauces

Capellaís gluten-free pasta


Wise Acres has dried soups.



Ziva Chocolates has delicious chocolate.

Cows Gone Coconut has non-dairy ice-cream made from coconut milk.

Sweet Action is a popular neighborhood ice-cream maker that uses milk from cows that arenít pumped with antibiotics.

Jack Rabbit Hill biodynamic wine (that means essentially beyond organic)


MM Local canned fruits and vegetables.

Ela Family Farms organic fruits

The Real Dill locally-made dill pickles.

Rocky Mountain Orchards jams


Lily Pad makes soaps with raw cow and goat milk

Sage Thymes has organic heirloom vegetable starts, handmade soaps


Revolution in the Kitchen sells tamales of all sorts that are delicious.

LOCAL AND ORGANIC white wheat, whole wheat, spelt, buckwheat, bronze barley, buckwheat, hard red winter wheat, yellow corn, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, anasazi beans, black beans, black eye peas, green split peas, French lentils, black chia seeds, soybeans and popcorn.  Honeycomb, honey, organic maple syrup, maple candy, maple butter and maple sugar.  We also have almonds.  The popcorn and the almonds are the best we have ever eaten.  We have any quantity of beeswax.  These quantities are sold in 1lb and 2lb bags.

We also have diatomacious earth, 20% vinegar, duck eggs and other hard-to-find natural food and agricultural products.  We have Happy Frog potting soils, Fox farm soils, fox urine, coyote urine, bird netting and other hard to find items.

Honey.  We have a large collection of local honey and unique honey from other places, such as buckwheat honey, blueberry honey, kudzu honey, tupelo honey, honey from Prince Edward Island and Medihoney.  Honeycomb


Calling for Agricultural Art!

Denver Urban Homestead is exhibiting art with an agricultural theme at the Farmerís Market. We would love to connect with artists that work  (loosely) with agricultural themes.

We believe that real food goes best with real art! So, please email us if you are interested!

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