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Denver Urban Homesteading, in collaboration with Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery, announces a Community Wine Project 2012 grapevines have arrived and are sale at the market as of April 26, 2012.

April 2010  Group selects approximately 3 varieties of wine grapes for Front Range climate and soil conditions

MAY 2010 and again APRIL/MAY 2011 and again APRIL/MAY 2012 Individuals plant as many/few vines as they can in backyards.  Guerrilla planting in alleys and vacant lots encouraged. 

SPRING 2011 and 2012  Additional backyard farmers join the project and begin planting vines. 

SEP/OCT 2012/2013  The group coordinates harvesting and delivery to Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery three blocks away for conversion into wine.

NOV 2012/2013  Begin enjoying own wine with family and friends.  You get back what you put in.  We have to pay the winery, but if volunteer-farmers do all the other work there may be few or no other costs.

2012/2013 - Forever    Project continues.  New wine community is born and lives in perpetuity in Denver.

(If the project is unsuccessful, the participants will at least have new grapes in their yards and will have made new friends during the course of the project.)

UPDATE!  We have selected the grape varieties.  For WHITE wine we have selected both Prairie Star and Louise Swenson grapes (Svenson not available this year, 2012).  We will pair them to make one kind of wine.   For RED wine we have selected growing Leon Millot, a red grape.  We are ordering them from Double A Vineyards,

You can join the project simply by planting and raising one or more of these grapes.  And if you want to be on the mailing list send a note to 

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